Two weeks ago my husband and I, along with our toddler daughter and three month-old son left to drive from our home in Newfoundland to Ottawa, where we were planning to have some meetings, visit with friends, and prepare to fly to our home in Europe… in two cars.  It’s a drive we have made many MANY times over the years, but this time I naively thought everything would be the same and it would be no big deal.  WRONG!!

OMG! Traveling with a three month old? Cray CRAY!! Driving half way across the country with a toddler and a three month old while planning to finish up a brand guide in the evenings to meet the May 4th launch date, which happens to also be the day of our flight? So totally CRAY, you have no idea!

Or maybe you do!
I didn’t…

So here we are on May 10th, and our family has finally settled into our house in the vineyard. It’s a house that we’ve been building for several years, finished a year ago, but never actually lived in until this week. It’s been lovely. And now that the curtains are hung, the appliances are all installed and working, and the bags are (almost) all unpacked, I’m back to work. And I’m FINALLY putting the finishing touches on our Awesome Brand Guide. 

I want to offer up my apologies to anyone who has been disappointed for not receiving it in their inbox on May 4th, and rest assured that it will be on it’s way in the coming week.

Until then, why not grab a copy of our Awesome Branding Guide before it’s retired.



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