You’re not here to be average…
You’re here to be awesome. #truth

When it comes to business, you  have a strong BS filter, and the endless 6-figure fast talk and get rich quick gimmicks just don’t cut it.

You’ve worked hard to make your dream of owning your own business come true, and you aren’t about to hand your hard work over to magic formulas or luck to get to the next level.

Here’s the truth: there are a lot of gurus out there promising magic formulas and simple steps to get you overnight success, but the truth is the only one getting rich off those promises is the one peddling the promise.

Magic formulas rarely have substance, and as enticing as they may seem, they just don’t deliver in the long term. Sustained success comes from focus, hard work and strategy; and true awesomeness comes from authenticity – not get rich quick formulas.

You’re awesome.

You’ve already proven that by following your dreams and taking the giant leap to entrepreneurship, and your brand and business should be awesome, too.

You want to work with someone who has been in your shoes – someone who understands your passion, but also knows the ins and outs of the business – someone who gets your business.

Standing out in a sea of sameness.

I was born with the gift of gab.  My parents say I started talking at nine months and haven’t stopped since. So I suppose it’s only natural that I grow up to be completely obsessed with communications.  

They say some people know what they want to do with their life from the time they’re small children.  I wasn’t one of them – I wanted to do everything – which wasn’t easy for a little girl growing up in a small town with a population just over one hundred people.  I stood out like a sore thumb.  I was the weird girl with the big mouth and even bigger dreams – the girl who would go God knows where and do God knows what!  That desire to do everything and go everywhere never left me, and as I became an adult I took a chance and did as many things as I could – and I got called crazy for it a lot!  

My career started with me hanging from helicopters with a Hasselblad camera strapped to my hand, and went on to have me working on rebranding high tech giants during the tech bubble, running an online etiquette and lifestyle blog before there were blogs, owning and running my own all-natural bath & beauty company (then selling it to a competitor), running national and international health awareness campaigns, even working with the world’s leaders in stroke and stem cell research – but in every single role I’ve had in my life, marketing and communications was at the root of what I did. (Marketing and communications are as much a part of me as my freckles!) In fact, the only thing as strong as my passion for marketing and communications was my wild and crazy dreams of taking on the world!

Fast forward to today: I’ve taken all that training and experience along with a stack of lessons learned, and combined it all into my dream career – getting to share my experiences, and work alongside some of the most inspiring, awesome females in business. Not bad for a girl who stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of sameness.

Now I help other women stand out for themselves in the ever-expanding world of online (and offline) business where it seems everyone is doing the same thing and offering the same promises.

You + Me = An Unstoppable Combination

After working in the trenches of non-profit and corporate marketing communications for twenty years, and running my own successful consulting business on the side for ten years, I started Hello as a solution to the problem that you and countless other business owners struggle with on a daily basis. You want someone who brings expertise to the table in a matter-of-fact manner, who can give you the tools and know-how you need to market your business and the confidence to use them.

You want to work with someone who is as committed to meeting your goals as you are – someone who can see the big picture, and break it down into small, bite-sized pieces that you can actually put into order cymbalta online action.  I’m committed to helping you meet and exceed your goals in a practical and productive way that is true to your core values and beliefs.

What’s more, I’ve assembled a team of razor-sharp, crazy-talented individuals who work closely with me to develop tools such as branding, design, strategy development, marketing, and social media based on your individual needs so that you not only have the knowledge and confidence to stand out, but you have the tools to get you there looking your absolute best.

Together, we give you the tools, confidence and know-how you need to stand out and grow a truly awesome, successful business that’s as individual as you are.

It’s all about doing what you love and finding balance.

I’m a pretty happy person.

I’m happiest when I’m doing what I love – which is helping amazing women stand out and build businesses that they love, and I believe every woman deserves to have the same happiness.

I also believe…

  • I believe that happiness ~ whatever it’s root ~ begins with passion and a deep desire to take control of one’s own life.

  • I believe that when you do good for others, good comes back to you.

  • I believe that every day is a school day, and we never stop learning.

  • I believe coffee should be strong an plentiful.
  • I believe in telling it like it is, even if that sometimes means having to have a difficult conversation, because being challenged for the better in a supportive way is what makes us grow. 

  • I believe in empowering my clients, inspiring them and giving them confidence in what they’ve learned, and making them shine.

  • I believe that as women in business, we should be there to support one another, to raise one another up and celebrate each others’ successes.

  • I believe that as successful entrepreneurs we should take our businesses very seriously – ourselves, not so much.  It’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves and be goofballs from time to time.

  • I believe that cupcakes can always make someone’s day brighter. I’ve even been credited with starting a viral random acts of cupcakes movement to prove it (and developing the branding, marketing and outreach strategy to go with it, naturally.)

Professional Bio

Lori is an experienced marketing communications professional who has been developing strategies, leading outreach, building brands, and running campaigns at non-profits, public and private companies for 20 years, most recently as Director of Communications for the Canadian Stroke Network, and owner of savvyGURL media inc, and currently as Co-founder and Creative Director of Hello’s sister company, Design Management Consulting (DMC).

She holds degrees in English and Classical Studies, honours diplomas in Marketing Communications/Business Management, and Graphic Design; is a certified professional photographer, and a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society and the Newfoundland and Labrador Organization for Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE).

Lori’s work has received national and international recognition, and her work has been featured by media outlets across Canada and internationally. She has written for national and international publications, has provided social media and lifestyle trend commentary for various media outlets, and her work has been featured in the Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, Canadian Health Magazine, CBC, CTV, Global News, and the Huffington Post; and she has shared her expertise as a guest presenter and trainer at a number of professional development and social media conferences.

The mother of two splits her time living in a tiny seaside village outside St. John’s, Newfoundland where she watches whales and icebergs from her office window, and in a centuries-old European vineyard where she can be found chasing chickens and sampling the year’s vintage.

You can catch-up with Lori on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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