Awesome teams make awesome things happen.

I’ve teamed-up with this a team of razor-sharp, crazy-talented individuals who have some serious credentials to back them up.

We work closely with you to develop tools such as visual branding, design, as well as brand, marketing and social media strategies based on your individual needs so that you not only have the knowledge and confidence to stand out, but you have the tools to get you there looking your absolute best.

Together, we give you the tools, confidence and know-how you need to stand out and grow a truly awesome, successful business that’s as individual as you are.

Lori Barron

Founder, Marketing & Brand Strategist

Marketing & Brand Strategist and founder of Hello, Lori has 20 years experience in marketing communications, and has received national and international recognition for her work. Lori coaches clients on how to build awesome brands based on authenticity and passion.


Florin Munteanu

Project Manager

Florin is Hello’s Project Manager, as well as Co-founder and Lead Partner of Hello’s sister company, Design Management Consulting (DMC).  An Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Project Management, he’s in charge of all things web-related

Florin is a hands on dad who juggles work, family and writing. He’s a published author and professional blogger, whose work is regularly featured by national media. He also happens to be Lori’s awesome husband.



Yvette Slaney

Lead Designer

Yvette is the creative Yin to Lori’s strategic Yang. A gifted and experienced graphic designer, she has worked in the industry for more than a decade. Yvette is a talented designer, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, specializing in Media Arts & Digital Technologies from the Alberta School of Fine Art & Design.

She has worked as a senior graphic designer for an Alberta-based graphic design house, and has successfully run her own freelance design agency for the past decade.

Nikole Gipps

Web Superhero

Nikole is a superhero in her own right. As owner of That Super Girl consultancy, she rescues websites and manages functionality for some of business’ top influencers. Nikole is a graduate of Cornell University, and an expert in all things digital. She’s Hello’s go-to expert for trouble-shooting, customization and development of all things Simplero & Leadpages related.

Rhonda Clouter


Rhonda keeps Hello’s daily operations running smoothly. She’s trained as a legal administration professional, and has twenty years of experience under her belt. She oversees scheduling, manages design quality control, and as Hello’s primary client liaison.

The behind-the-scenes crew

What happens when you become successful at two huge things? In our case that meant expansion!

We’ve built a killer reputation on designing and building awesome websites over the years, but as we grew and work focused more and more helping entrepreneurs like you build awesome brands, things got a little crazy!
So we launched Hello’s sister company, Design Management Consulting (DMC) to focus exclusively on all things web! 

All of our custom website development, website management and maintenance work is now exclusively managed by DMC.

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