It’s a big day here at sGm headquarters – we officially launched the 2014 Canadian Stroke Congress website!

I’ve had the honour of building the past two sites for the Congress, but this year is different in a whole bunch of ways. The Congress is now being run by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, so I was working with a whole new team (and, of course, the fabulous Laurie, who has run the last two Congresses).

Of course, a new organization means new branding. Sort of.
Wanting to retain a consistent look and feel for the Congress we decided not to deviate away from the general site structure, a striking primary image, and the blue and red logo.  Where we did go in a complete different direction was in ditching the blue and teal branding that has been a mainstay over the previous four years, and embracing the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s signature red hue.

But she’s not just pretty to look at.
This time around I wanted to take a whole new approach to the site’s backend.  Having worked with all of the previous Congress sites, I had the unique opportunity of being intimately familiar with the workings (and problems) with each site’s functionality.  Each year has been an improvement on the previous year’s site, and this year was no different.  The new site is built on my beloved Genesis framework with HTML5 markup, and is fully responsive.  That’s geek speak for a really amazing site!  In other words, the site responds automatically to the device it’s being viewed on, whether order cymbalta samples it’s a desktop, tablet, or cell phone. That way the user doesn’t have to zoom in and out to get the content to fit properly on the screen. With users relying on mobile devices more and more it’s absolutely vital that you have a responsive website.

Why is responsiveness important?
40% of mobile users leave and go immediately to a competitor’s website if your site isn’t mobile optimized. True story.

[Tweet “40% of mobile users go immediately to a competitor’s site if your site isn’t mobile optimized.”]

I have a post all about responsive design coming up in a few weeks (subscribe to my update list to get even more great information on how to optimize your website).

So that alone would qualify for a pretty great day, but something even bigger happened.
I started B-School.  B-school is a training program focusing primarily on small business and personal development training for women entrepreneurs.



You’re going to see a whole lot of changes taking place over here at sGm headquarters in the next three months, and Marie Forleo’s B-School is a BIG part in that.

As a company, savvyGURL media has given me the opportunity to grow in ways I would never have imagined; and as of this summer it will transition from being my side  job to my full-time business – as in, I am not returning to my office job. Typically I’d be terrified at that idea, but I’m so ready, and incredibly excited to share the experience with you!

So, there you have it, not a dull moment around here.


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