You guys, the struggle is REAL!

Online and offline there has always been a sense of mean-spiritedness among some businesses toward competition, toward leaders, toward anyone who wants to break into a niche. It’s an old school way of doing business and it’s not cool. It’s also unnecessary, it makes the folks being mean look petty, and damages the credibility of the folks doing the bitching.  But it also does something else that ultimately feeds the meanness: it hurts people on the other end of it. Even when it isn’t directed that way.


Lately, I’ve noticed a growing spirit of negativity in some circles and online groups. The chatter has morphed into snark, and the vibe within these circles is resembling cliques of chicks, rather than the supportive communities they were intended to be (kinda like the movie Mean Girls. Remember that movie?)
And I’m not the only person who has noticed it.

This can be distracting and downright damaging to your self-esteem (and your business activities) if you’re a heart-centred entrepreneur, a sensitive soul, or if you’re just an individual starting out in business and haven’t developed a thicker skin yet.  It can be like that friend we’ve all had who sucks the energy out of every room they walk into. It can bring us down and leave us feeling completely emotionally drained for no apparent reason.
And it needs to stop.

I talk a lot with my brand and marketing coaching clients about finding your group of business BFFs to help grow your business and give you that oh so important support you need along the way. They’re the circle of entrepreneurs in your industry and/or complimentary industries who you surround yourself with for support, collaboration, to elevate your complimentary industries and grow your business networks.

They’re your best assets as a business owner, and they give you A TON of credibility when it comes to establishing yourself as a trusted, admired professional in your field. Plus, they make the sometimes lonely world of entrepreneurship a lot more enjoyable.  They’re those awesome folks who raise you up and bring out the best in you.

Today I’m offering up my own simple tips for quieting the noise and finding inspiration in the online (and offline) business world, instead of letting it drag you down.


Hit the mute button

Quiet the noise of negative talk, bitchiness and snark and turn off notifications for any online groups that are just too much to take.  It will help with keeping the distractions at bay and let you focus on more important things.  I’d even suggest you shut down all social media while you’re working and set certain times for online interaction and activity.  By making your online time count, you’ll find that buy cymbalta cheap online you’re more selective about where you spend your precious time, and the places that drag you down get visited much less often.

Walk away

If turning down the volume doesn’t keep you from constantly checking back to see what’s happening only to find yourself getting dragged down again, leave.  You won’t miss it, I promise. Same goes for email.  Those Negative Nellies constantly showing up in your inbox urging you to click here, read that, and get dragged back in? Click unsubscribe.  You don’t miss what you don’t see.

Find supportive circles

By far the most powerful thing you can do is take control of who you allow into your life. The online world is FULL of communities for all sorts of personalities, so it’s just a matter of taking some time to get out there and see what’s there and what strikes a chord with you.  Take a look around and join some groups. See if the tone of the groups and the quality of the conversations are uplifting, helpful and inspirational. Take the best, leave the rest.


I’m putting a challenge to you all today:
Go out there and find some folks in your industry (or in the entrepreneur world in general) who you relate to, who’s work and personality TOTALLY resonates with you, and make a connection with THAT person (or people).


Building a successful business goes much deeper than the services we offer people  – it goes deep to our emotional well-being. The better we feel about ourselves, the better we show up for our businesses and for our clients.  Just as negativity feeds negativity, positivity feeds positivity, and we become those who we surround ourselves by. So for your own sanity, and the sake of your business, it’s critical that you surround yourself with supportive, helpful, positive people.  This crazy world of entrepreneurship can be a scary place sometimes, so it’s essential that you have supportive people at your side to get through it.

I’ve just created our very own group for Awesome Brand Builders just like you!

It’s a safe environment to bounce ideas off other entrepreneurs in the industry, get advice, give and receive support, and share ideas on how to grow your awesome brand. We’ll have weekly discussion topics, networking, opportunities to promote your business to a fantastic group of entrepreneurs just like you, and even get a behind the scenes peek at life around Hello Headquarters.

Come check it out.

So go out there and explore. And find some other awesome entrepreneurs just like you to grow with.
I’d love it if you reported back in the comments. Then report back!  I’d love to hear if you’ve had any success getting out of your same old circles.

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