So you have a business, and you’re planning on adding a new service. You’re super-excited about getting the word out, but you haven’t quite figured out all the details. You quickly run to your website, add a page for the new service and type coming soon (or Coming soon… contact us for information.)


I know you’re super-excited about adding that new service to your business, but unless you’ve figured out the details you really should not be putting it on your website.

Here’s the thing: you think that by simply listing the service on your site, you will avoid losing out on that potential business, when in fact, the opposite is true. If you add this to your website without any information, details, or specifics, you’re going to drive those potential customers who are looking for that service away.

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I know you want your customers to see that your business is growing, and you have these awesome new services available (and well, gosh, you’re so busy running your business that you just don’t have a minute to sit and add the specifics to your website). It really might be that you’re too busy to sit down and put it on paper; or it could be that you struggle with writing content for your website. But you have to trust me when I tell you that not saying something is actually saying SO. MUCH. MORE. It’s just not saying what you want it to.

To cut to the chase, it looks like you don’t have your shit together; and if you don’t have your shit together, people are not going to want to work with you.  Customers are coming to your site to find out what you can do for them, and if they have to chase you for the details on your amazing new service, they’re going to wonder what else they’ll have to chase you for.

So here’s what you need to do.  Take some time, figure out the details of the new service, then write the service information and details for your website.  Until you have this done, don’t even think about adding it to your site. It’s just not worth losing business over.

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