Working primarily with successful business women who are going through a brand evolution, I’ve encountered more than my fair share of bad photography. It’s a shame, and by far, it’s the biggest the thing that I’ve seen clients struggle with.

As a classically trained professional photographer myself, it kinda kills me a little bit each time I see it.  As a brand strategist and website designer, I’ve gotten to see up-close, just how bad photography can take the greatest branding or website from polished and fantastic to hideous in seconds; and I’ve witnessed how it can leave the business owner dissatisfied with their branding and their website, ashamed to share it with the world; and I’ve seen how it can hold back an otherwise amazing entrepreneur or killer product or service. It’s a shame, and it’s something that can quickly be solved by taking some time, thinking about your overall brand, and naturally, by hiring the right professional.

Over the next week we’re releasing a four-part series on brand/website photography. We’ll show you how to hire the right photographer, cover the most common photography mistakes and how to avoid them, my own awesome go-to photographer will be stopping by with a great guest post on how to work with your cheap cymbalta generic photographer to get the most out of your pro photo shoot, and at the end of the series, we’ve got a fantastic photo shoot checklist for you so that you cover all the basis when it comes to getting the most out of your investment.

So, buckle-up and get ready for some hard truths, some cringe-worthy photo don’ts, some awesome tips, and hopefully, some priceless advice that will take the stress out of your next photography experience.  Tune in tomorrow as we kick off Photography Week here at Hello! (Yes, I totally know that we’re starting the week on Thursday, but really, who doesn’t want the week to start one day before Friday, right?!)

Here’s what we’re going to cover in the next week:

Thursday, November 26:
How to hire the right photographer for your brand and website photography. AKA, that time I hired a boudoir photographer to do my corporate shots.

Monday, November 30:
The most common photography mistakes that take your website from Effing-Awesome to WTF!

Wednesday, December 2:
Guest Post from Amy Donovan: How to work with your photographer to get the most of your photo shoot.

Friday, December 4:
Get the most of your investment, how to prepare for your upcoming shoot, plus and a bonus Must-Have Brand/Website Photo Shoot Checklist.


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