It’s launch day here at sGm headquarters, and you know how much we love a launch!

Today we’re launching a new microsite for the Canadian Stroke Network. The microsite is designed to collect annual data from a number of health researchers within the Network.

Over the years this data collection process has been, well, a pain in the bum.  So, to make the process easier on everyone involved, we took a completely new approach to the data collection site.  This site was designed with one main function in mind: to make the reporting process as simple as possible.

Here’s how accomplished that goal:

  • First off, it’s a microsite.  By taking it off the main order cymbalta without prescription website and giving it a unique design, we’ve kept the site sleek and clean, with no distracting elements.
  • Simple, clean navigation along the left side of the screen to allow a natural step-by-step progression through the forms.
  • FormSite integration for simple data collection on the microsite rather than having users bounce back and forth between off-site forms and the main site.
  • HTML5 markup, making the site fully responsive so the user can easily complete the reporting on their computer or any mobile device.

The backend is pretty robust, too, with SSL encryption, automated daily usage tracking/progress report emails to the site manager, and the Genesis framework as its backbone.


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