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One-on-One Strategic Business Coaching
  Hello’s Your Awesome Brand One-on-one monthly coaching program is based on a 3 month term, which can be renewed upon completion of the third month, should you wish to continue with coaching. 

This program has been specifically designed for the individual who is building a side business while balancing a full-time workload, who wants to grow their side hustle into a sustainable, http://www.honeytraveler.com/buy-levitra/ profitable business. It is designed to provide you with one-on-one coaching and guidance on building Your Awesome Brand.

In the program we work through Hello’s Signature approach to strategic business/brand building. You gain a solid groundwork on which to build a meaningful business. The program is made up of bi-weekly coaching calls and assigned homework designed to walk you through the research and development process of building a sustainable, meaningful and profitable brand.

Due* Amount
At checkout $500 CDN, plus HST $575.00

Following payments are charged for the period of 2 remaining months at $500 CDN, plus HST. 

Total  charges over the 3 month period: $1,725.00 CAD
* Receipts will be posted for you in your Trello board upon payment.


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