You want to know the absolute one thing – above all others – that will save you a fortune on your next website project, save you time, make your website design & launch go as smooth as silk, and have your website designer/developer falling in love with you? Having a clear content strategy. It’s that simple; yet, I’d hazard to guess that over 90% of people who set out to get a new website haven’t even given it a second thought.

I can honestly say that I’ve turned down my fair share of website gigs where a potential client has come to me and asked for “a really great looking site, just mock-up the pages and I’ll flow the content as I figure it out.” And those few instances where I complied in my early days where, to put it bluntly, freaking nightmares.

“Have you thought about your content strategy?”  is now the first question I ask potential clients who come to us for website design.

Content strategy is the roadmap upon which all other elements are based, and without a clear roadmap, it’s damn near impossible to get to where you want to go. All too often I see people so caught up in what the site will look like, whether it will have a snazzy full-screen header images, be responsive, have loads of pretty pictures, and never stop to consider what the website should be saying, and how that message has to flow on screen.

Here’s the reality: users don’t come to your website to see a snazzy design – they come for the information they’re looking for. They’re looking for information that solves a problem they have, and if they can’t easily find it on your site, they’re off to the next site.  So, it’s absolutely critical that you know what you want to communicate straight from the get-go, so that your designer can strategically design your website with those clearly communicating those messages in mind.

Yes, having a beautiful website is important, but like most things that only look good, if it has no substance, it has very little value.

Content strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.  Essentially, you’re looking at the key branding messages of your business, who you are hoping to attract as clients, what products or services you are offering them.  From there it’s essentially mapping out how exactly to provide that information in the most organized, logical, engaging way possible.

Now, like everything, you don’t have to do this yourself.  (Actually, as a service, we develop more content strategies for clients than anything else.)  Working with a content strategist lets you talk out your business goals, and have then fed back to you in an organized, structured outline.  From there, you can use it as the roadmap to writing your website content.

When you know what you want to communicate, and are given prompts to writing it, writing content for your website becomes simple. You get the content you’ve been struggling with, your designer gets a clear idea of what they need to produce, and your customer gets exactly the information they need.  Everyone wins! Hello, You’re the best client in the world! Yaaay!!


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