Indian Falls Chalets

Indian Falls Chalets

Marketing Integrator Program, including Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, Website Creation & Creative Marketing Solutions

Indian Falls Chalets is a luxury, 4.5 star vacation resort, located in Central Newfoundland.  When owners Shawn & Michelle Rowsell engaged Hello in 2017, they had only a business plan, a vacant lot and a dream. Hello teamed up with the couple for a year-long Marketing Integrator Program where we covered everything from brand coaching and marketing strategy work, visual brand development, website strategy and development, guest experience creation, marketing and advertising campaigns, collateral development and strategic partnerships. From there we built the brand that now represents one of the province’s top high-end resorts.

Project Goals

Create an aspirational brand that represents accessible luxury.

From the start, Indian Falls Chalets were intended to be a high-touch, luxury resort nestled in the privacy and remoteness of Central Newfoundland.  A location that, for the most part, has been the island’s best kept secret, the Rowsells hoped their resort could elevate the level of vacationing in the Region, and fill a void that had left high-end vacationing mostly untouched. Our ultimate goal was to create an experience that left guests with the feeling that they “want to stay forever.”

Our branding goal was to create a brand that was clean and elegant, while remaining neutral so as to appeal equally to men and women, while communicating valuable information about the accommodations, the region, and attractions.  We developed a full brand identity, including logos and a sophisticated colour palette that would speak to high-end clients. The marketing strategy laid out marketing activities and outreach for the business’ first five years; and we developed a robust website, complete with accommodations booking integration, as well as both digital and print collateral to promote the resort, as well as generate leads and build brand awareness.

Logo Design

We wanted the logos to be clean and bold, much like the brand itself.  Indian Falls Chalets is a trailblazer in the region, in differentiating themselves from the standard tourist destinations in the area,  and it was important that the brand visuals mirror the bold elegance of the resorts.  The location itself is nestled at the foot of Indian Falls, which is part of the great Indian River which careens around the property.  We chose to accent the striking bold logo font with a simple curve representing the flow of the river in the exact form that it flows around the resort.  The curve lends a softness to the bold words, and represents the flow of relaxation that vacationers feel when surrounded by the striking beauty of the area. 





Bold, Elegant, Airy, Clean

The cleanness and striking boldness of the Sans-Serif typography paired with the delecate curving line represneting the river gives a subtle contrast feel, and complimentary effect to the branding.  The lower case style of the primary Wordmark (Indian Falls) maintains the casual, unpretentious nature of the owners own lifestyle, and the vibe they wanted to flow through everything at Indian Falls. The all capital text at the bottom (Chalets) is spaced and thinner to represent the wide open space at the resort, where each chalet has ample space for privacy. 

Color Palette

Rich, Rustic, Modern, Nature

A rich warm colour palette made up of  deep blue from the water of Indian River, combined with the warm yellow, orange, brown and green all taken from the colours of the foliage that surrounds the resort throughout the various seasons create a soothing pallete for the brand.  Then to soften the palette, we added a soft-grey tone to add a sophisticated, but modern feel to the brand, and anchored the palette with a deep granite grey..







Custom Brand Photography

Because Indian Falls Chalets was a brand new business, unline any other in the region, it was essential that we incorporate stunning visuals into all aspects of the brand’s marketing materials and website.  To show potential vacationers the level of attention to detail, the textures, patterns, and subtle details of the decor we hired the island’s top commercial & brand photographer, Mike Mahoney Photography to photograph the chalets. The result was a catalogue of images that could be used in all of the complimentary collateral to create a consistent look and feel across the board. More importantly, the detailed, styled photographs allowed viewers to get an up-close look at the touches added to ensure the absolute highest attention to detail by the Rowsells in creating an escape away from the everyday for their guests.

Brand Collateral

Tri-fold Brochures, Highway Signage, Accommodations Directory & Guidebook

The tourism industry on the island still relies heavily on traditional forms of marketing, such as print brochures, and print advertising in tourism publications.  To capture the attention of passers-by, and to show that the resort is equally suited to men and women, we chose to use a woman sport fishing on a river as the main visual for print.  The image of the beautiful, modern woman decked out in sportfishing gear grabbed attention because of her beauty, and because she stood out amongst the traditional images of men fishing and hunting.  We reverse stacked the cover of the brochures with the logo at the bottom so that the photo could be the primary image visible form brochure stands.  The brochure captured the attention of many, and received constant compliments, and attracted the attention of female hunting and fishing organizations who began to follow and engage the Chalet’s online profiles.

Bold highway signage, containing only the logo and website url were positioned on both Eastward and Westward sides of the Trans Canada Highway, five kilometres from the turnoff to Indian Falls, in order to attract travellers’ attention, and to provide a marker for those travelling to Indian Falls Chalets.

The Chalet’s directory and guidebook was designed in a magazine layout to give a more visual appeal to the standard accommodation requirement, so that it would be visually attractive and more engaging for guest to read while curling up on the cozy leather sofa upon arrival.

The Finer Details & Guest Boutique

Given the nature of the higher-end accommodations, and the high expectations of its clientele, ensuring that the overall brand feeling was present in all aspects of the stay, we worked closely with local soap artisans, The Outport Soap Company, based in Glovertown, Newfoundland to create bespoke products just for Indian Falls, including vegan cold processed soap with a custom essential oil and clay blend, as well as shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, lotion, bath soak and a variety of spa products to elevate the stay and add to the sensory experience at Indian Falls Chalets.  It was important that we keep with the exclusive feel of the resort when selecting the company we engaged with, so as to avoid more common local bath and body brands that saturate the local tourist market. In the end, we chose the company who’s products we found to be superior, and guests have raved about them since day one.  We engaged The Newfoundland Salt Company to carry their line of artisan sea salts in the chalet’s kitchens, and commissioned quilts and artwork from local artists for each chalet. We then created a guest boutique so that guests could buy any of the products and take a little piece of their stay back home with them.  

Guest Experiences, Signature Packages, and White Glove Touches

To attract the level of clietelle the Rowsells wanted for Indian Falls Chalets, it was important to be more than ‘just a place to rest your head.’ We created a series of interactive “Guest Experiences” to engage vacationers, educate them about the area, and show them how to get the most of their vacation.  We created a series of interactive workshops, including the Signature Smoked Salmon Experience, where guests spent half a day on the river with expert sports fisherman, Shawn, and returned to the chalets to join him for his step-by-step demonstration on how to clean, filet and cold smoke the fresh-caught salmon on site.  Guests have an opportunity to sample some of Shawn’s famous smoked salmon, and they get to take their own smoked salmon home at the end of their stay.   In addition to the smoked salmon workshop, we created Indian Falls Picnics, which includes a map of the local hiking trails along Indian River, and a fresh packed gourmet picnic. 

Accommodations Booking Integration

From the beginning, it was essential that the reservation system for Indian Falls Chalets be as simple to use, and seamless as possible, so that from the very first point of contact, guests see that things are done differently, and every detail has been taken into consideration. After reviewing many reservation management systems, we chose Sirvoy, a world-class accommodations reservation system based out of Ireland.  The system integrates into Indian Falls Chalet’s website, and allows for full management of accommodations, booking, payment, and works with online payment systems, and Moneris, the on-site payment system we chose for debit and credit payment.

As the European travel market tends to use the online service, to book the majority of their travel, we also created a profile, and dedicated one of the resort’s chalets to online booking through  This move was instrumental in attracting the high number of European vacationers to Indian Falls Chalets.

Online Marketing & Lead Generation

Thanks in part to breakout Broadway Play, Come From Away, films such as Maudie, The Shipping News, and the popular Netflix Series, Frontier, staring Jason Momoa, the island that was once the best kept secret of celebrities has emerged as one of the top global tourist destinations.  As such, marketing Indian Falls Chalets to vacationers from outside the province has been a priority from day one. While more popular destinations such as St. John’s, Gross Morne, and Fogo Island have been the most frequently visited, Central Newfoundland has ranked high as a preferred destination for wildlife tourism for decades. We launched the “Rumour has it…” campaign capturing local tales of the rich and famous who have quietly flocked to Central Newfoundland for decades, including George Bush Sr., Johnny Cash, Paul McCarty, and even Queen Elizabeth II to take in the world class hunting, fishing and scenery of the region.  The campaign was a fun, cheeky way to capture the imagination of vacationers, and attract some local press attention with stories from locals who met or guided the various celebrities on their secret vacation escapes in the region.

Client Testimonial

We can’t even imagine what our brand and business would be without Hello!

From our logo to our website, the photography & our marketing too, I just can’t believe how prepared we were starting this accommodation business Indian Falls Chalets literally from the ground up!

Lori was there for us! The learning was serious, yet we had soooo much fun! Looking at our short-term & long-term goals, knowing the big picture of what we were working towards- not just the day-to-day or week-to-week basis operational targets, we were able to set specific goals!

Where to invest our marketing time and money helped us to quickly identify whether or not doing something was in line with moving our business ahead, or if it was something that might steer us away from our goals!

Without a clear understanding of where we were going, we would have never known when we got there, or if we were going in the right direction! Hello showed us that clearly outlining your business’ goals, mission, vision & values is imperative!

Having a clearly laid out set of goals for where we wanted our business to be financially, and where we saw ourselves to be personally and professionally gave us a clear target to work towards, and a tangible measure of the track that we’re on.

Lori was there to help us do all of that! She’s all about empowering individual entrepreneurs to build awesome businesses they love, which are profitable, successful & rewarding!

Thank you Lori for the knowledge, understanding, confidence & tools needed to grow our business. Thank you for helping us make it a reality, to set those big goals and have the life we have always dreamed of!

Love you always!

Michelle & Shawn Rowsell


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