The Cupcake Method: How Great Brands are like Cupcakes

I love Branding.  I mean, I really love branding.
I also really love donuts. And cupcakes.

Brands are a lot like donuts and cupcakes. Both are sweet, make people happy, can have a cult following, and can represent all kinds of things, depending on the person, place or occasion they’re associated with.

Donuts are great. They’ve been around forever, and they make pretty much everyone happy. But if you don’t get them while they’re fresh, they’re overall bland, forgettable, can be underwhelming and can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Cupcakes are awesome. The very idea of a cupcake is a muffin that believed in magic! It’s the unicorn of the baked goods world. There as many flavours of cupcakes as there are people who love them, and a cupcake can send fully-grown adults into pure, unadulterated bliss. #truestory Cupcakes trigger people on multiple levels – the way they look, their smell, their taste, the surprise and delight you get when you bite into a cupcake and discover a tangy lemon curd filling! People have special ways of eating cupcakes, use them to celebrate special occasions, cheer people up when they’re down. People use cupcakes to spread happiness (and kindness). Cupcakes have a way of reaching people at a much deeper level.

Don’t get me wrong, donuts are freaking delicious, too; but walk into a bakeshop that has an entire shelf of donuts and one tray of glorious cupcakes, and I challenge you not to walk out of the store with at lease one cupcake alongside your box of donuts. For the cupcake lover, though, seeing the tray of cupcakes will make them forget that there are donuts in the store, zero in on the cupcakes and walk out with only them.

That’s the difference between having a brand, and having an awesome brand.
Your Awesome Brand is magical – like a cupcake! 

It strikes a chord with the right people – those who want to work with you and buy from you, stands out in a crowd of similar flavoured brands, and leaves a lasting impression.

And by the way, donuts are great, but nobody pays $8 for one.

Download The Cupcake Method: 5 Steps to Creating an unforgettable brand experience, and  get started on elevating your brand to cupcake level.